To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment and Matilda represents just that.

Raised between Australia's sophisticated suburban and glamorous fashion world, Matilda saw and witnessed everything. Being exposed from a young age to the trendy society instilled the love and a penchant for stylish fashion and apparel in Matilda. She entered the fashion industry more than six years ago and is now the founder of three different companies. It didn't take her long to realize that most people didn't put too much thought into their clothing for business or even know how to wear clothes that fit them. Her genial and boundless attitude and skill in producing and creating high-quality fashion apparel for the elite brands and the industry are committed to the growth and recognition of her company. She claims that her fanatical obsession with culture and personalization is what inspired her and encouraged her to start her own exclusive brand.

Matilda started her own Boo and Westley label with a decade of experience in global business and design. Located in Indonesia, Matilda was inspired by the label to work with amazing craftsmen and help build economies of workmanship in their regions. As an image specialist, Matilda set up her third company, Impact Driven Style, to help business people, speakers and pioneers use design to their potential advantage, turning their image into an amazing business resource. Matilda helps enhance the effect her consumers have in their respective industries by cultivating exclusive, on-brand looks that reinforce the messages they aim to promote. Achieving such success in a short span of time with hard work and dedication, she says, "My business and I are changing what entrepreneurs wear and how they wear it to be louder in their niche. Often it's the simple shift of what we are wearing that will have the greatest impact on our marketing and being perceived as a viable option." The strong faith of Matilda in personal branding also played a major role in the development of the impact-driven style. Her venture is close to writing a brand message/story that focuses on an expert's fun and easy-going apparel. It is a brand planner who sees all the expectations of creating an individual brand that not only perceives the value of their own touch to their organization, but also sees how their product or administration will interact with their audience.

Matilda believes that professionals can be much more successful in forming relationships, making a name for themselves and creating their desired image, and, of course, attracting customers and generating sales by improving what entrepreneurs wear and how they wear it. She says, "My businesses have provided me with a wealth of design, style, and speech expertise that many stylists may not have the pleasure of being able to capitalize on for their clients. I found that many people struggle to develop a style that reflects their unique self, fits their body & climate, and represents their values while working in fashion and retail."

Also, Matilda is currently expanding her company and tapping into other apparel, branding, and lifestyle niches. Matilda's future in the entrepreneurship room seems to be very exciting and will definitely carry her to places with her demeanor and amazing approach to achieving success.