As the pandemic continues to linger across the United States, many Americans are eager to get out and socialize again. But with so many restaurants either closed or operating at altered hours as a result of covid-restrictions or precaution, it’s been more difficult to find venues that are open for business. But one rising social platform is making it easier to find not only the best restaurants and bars in the area, but those that are offering special deals on food, drinks, happy hours and brunch specials. Introducing Drinqs. While an app like this seems more useful than ever before, Drinqs’ Co-Founder and Developer Jonathan Ansumana has been developing the app since 2019. 

After brainstorming the idea of an app that could function as a resource to find the best places to eat locally that offered great deals and specials, Jonathan and the other Drinqs  co-founders Dr. Leila Pashazanuzi, Laura Neal, and Taher Rahgooy launched the app in October of 2020. Drinqs allows users to search for restaurants and/or bars based on the day of week, or the type of food they’re in the mood for. With a few quick swipes, users are able to find great deals that meet all their cravings. Currently, the app services various locations in Arizona including Scottdale, Phoenix, and soon Tucson. The Drinqs team is eager to expand their platform next year in the Los Angeles area as well. As a tech entrepreneur by nature, Jonathan saw Drinqs as an opportunity to elevate his brand with a platform that could showcase his industry-leading app development experience and skillset. 

“I was a Computer Science major in college and even back then I knew how quickly the technology industry moves. You have to find a way to stand out,” Jonathan says. “I started developing my own apps and currently Drinqs is what I’m most excited about.”

Having developed Drinqs via React Native, the app is compatible across iOS as well as Android devices. As one of the most innovative platforms for app development, React Native was the natural choice for Jonathan when it came to building out Drinqs. The app can additionally facilitate safe transportation to the restaurants as it is capable of redirecting users to arrange Ubers or Lyft rides through the app. Coming up, the development team is excited to release a new and updated app interface for users. And as Drinqs continues to roll out across the nation, Jonathan looks forward to its progress and improvement. Finally, an app that finds the best happy hour at the right price.

For more information on Drinqs, download the app in the app store!