Muneer Mujahid Rodwan Iyati has become a strong force in the automotive industry. He is one of the automotive personalities to keep an eye on in 2021. From a very young age, Muneer started taking an interest in the automotive industry. He rose to fame through his hard work and excelling in the automotive industry in a very short period. 

Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it. This young engineer began his journey after completing his engineering degree from Jeddah College of Technology: one of the best in Saudia Arabia. He opted to specialize in engines and vehicles which has heavily paid off in his professional career.

Always on the leading edge and cusp of new trends and inventions, the young automotive professional has become a true pacesetter and a familiar name in the world of automotive in Saudi Arabia. His experience and journey from an engineer innovator to preeminent automotive professional has already inspired many. 

A curious blend of passion, ambition, and innovation fuels Muneer Lyati’s busy lifestyle. His vocabulary is extensive and his grammar skills on point. Muneer is also well versed in the art of communication. Years of training had enabled him to master the art of communicating and negotiating in English. In the year of 2016, he underwent cooperative training at the Alhamrani-Fuchs Petroleum as a maintenance engineer and he developed excellent skills there. Muneer layati also had the chance to be associated with Hussain Al- Ali institute as an operator where he was known for his hard work and passion for his work. 

Lyati has worked in some other companies too namely Al-Jazirah Vehicles Company, Bin Laden Company, and Al-Shayi Trading Company. Working at all these companies has provided him with many different experiences as he has worked in several kinds of the environment with various people. 

Muneer strongly believes in stepping out of his comfort zone and discovering the power of innovation, conceptualization, and execution. With his unending thirst for learning, Muneer plunged into the ocean of technical skills. He has a high command over a wide range of software like MS Excel, Powerpoint, MS. word, MatLab, AutoCad, SAP system, Carriage Work, and Solid system. His safety training also enabled him to learn driving and firefighting. Muneeb Lyati regards himself as an excellent divemaster and adequate firefighter.

The idea that automotive professionals are dreamers, as well as doers, pushed him on the path to pursue his passion for the automotive industry. Throughout his adolescence, Muneer was intrigued by machinery, technical and communication skills.

His favorite possession is to endow the customers with a tremendous quality of goods and services. Until now, Muneer followed the huge success with his groundbreaking performance in ample fields and still on his mission to give his best to accomplish a change in the system. While at the same time bringing his interest in technical things and making it possible to contribute to society as well.

With all potential innovation scope in automotive, only time will be able to tell us what to expect of the future of the automotive industry. And whatever that future may hold, expect to see Muneer Lyati at the forefront of it.