Two pioneers supporting women in STEMM through their expertise and innovation

Women are often overlooked for promotion, not recognized for their contributions, and refused equal opportunities to rise in leadership. Stereotypes, antiquated thinking and outdated systems demotivate women to rise up and lead an authentic life. Two pioneering women have taken up the challenge through training and coaching, to encourage women in STEMM (Science Technology Engineering Math Medicine) to be bold, resilient, confident, and dedicated towards achieving their career goals. Dr Elizabeth Pritchard and Ms Christine Burns have initiated an astonishing approach teaching the principles of Authentic Leadership based on positive psychology and the science of subjective wellbeing, to eradicate the gender gap in STEMM.

About WALT Institute

Women Authentic Leadership Training is a highly regarded research and training Institute established to create a global community of empowered women researchers, academics and executives. Revolutionary evidence-based techniques, strategies and skills, are delivered with incredible expertise and understanding on how to bring out the best in each individual. WALT Institute coaches and trains highly skilled professionals in STEMM to transform their mindset, break through the limiting beliefs and stories that hold them back, enrich their self awareness, manage their managers and teams more effectively, positively impact the workplace culture, bolster diversity and equity, improve career advancement opportunities and become the best version of themselves they can possibly be.

About the Founders

This ground-breaking Institute was Co-founded by Elizabeth Pritchard, a health professional, leadership coach, and international speaker, along with Christine Burns, a former elite athlete, dynamic educator, and performance coach. Both women have experienced extreme adversity that has shaken them to the core.

Even after bullying, sexual abuse, and spiraling into burnout Elizabeth resolved to never give up, and rise up to show others there is always a way forward. From being a shy reserved child learning many lessons the hard way to receiving a cancer diagnosis in 2016, Christine’s story inspires people to take action, stand up for what they believe in and not get stuck in the trivia of life.

Both have extreme levels of determination, dedication, self-confidence, proficiencies, grit, and psychological capital that has paved their way to becoming successful Authentic Leadership coaches and trainers.

Impact of the Institute

Every person has the ability to stand in their own authentic truth and believe “I am enough”. To feel empowered to lead themselves and others with clarity and strength, regardless of their job title or the challenges they face.

Elizabeth and Christine explain that “We help women get promoted, have stronger collaborations for research grants, and lead successful teams”. Clients discover the potency they have within, are able to tap into their innate strengths, promote themselves and have a voice, have courageous conversations and enhance teamwork regardless of any hierarchical limitations.

The impact of being authentic and embracing Authentic Leadership principles on a daily basis, catapults women in STEMM to challenge the status quo, push the limiting boundaries and find a way to reach higher than they ever thought possible.

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