Elon Musk’s top crypto picks for 2023


Elon Musk once said that we must embrace change if the alternative is disaster. With everyone breathing down Elon’s neck did he speak too soon? The SpaceX/ Tesla owner said this week that he will in fact be going through with the Twitter deal at the proposed 44 million with fake user robot accounts and all.

Elon Musk is one of the most successful entrepreneurs of this era with his Spacex rocket program and his funny whistle for his “Whistle Blowing” tesla customers as he tweeted about it on twitter. Check out the whistles, they resemble the tesla cyber truck. They are pretty funny if you ask me. Best Memecoin This New Year 2023 Experts Say (TFT) Toon Finance Will Surpass Dogecoin.




BTC Dominance today is  BTC: 40.0% while  ETH: 17.4%

Bitcoin hit the scene in late 2008. Bitcoin was the first form of decentralized digital currency to hit the market, with prices taking off in 2018 reaching 20,000 USD. Bitcoin uses the peer-to-peer bitcoin network.

Noone really knows who exactly founded BTC. A man by the pseudo name Satoshi Nakamota claimed to have invented the digital asset in 2008 however it has also been said that this Satoshi is not just one person but a group of people. Due to the major hype and use around BTC developers around the world started creating Alt coins also known as “alternative coins”. This is where Ethereum came into play as well as many major players in the game such as Binance and Cardano

Meme Coins : As found on wikipedia a meme coin is a cryptocurrency that originated from an Internet meme or has some other humorous characteristic such as “DogeCoin”.



DogeCoin races up the charts within the last 24 hours with a 7% spike in price as Shiba INU spikes around 5% over the last few days. These meme tokens have been volatile lately, yet there are plenty of profitable projects out there.

Both of these meme coins have been the talk of the town around the crypto and defi markets but which meme token is ready to take over? These meme coins have really been a huge deal bringing in billions of dollars for their early investors.

Doge Price Chart  The live Dogecoin price today is $0.064041 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $388,684,481 USD. Bahamas Government Seize $3.5 Billion in FTX Digital Assets As Ex-CEO Sam Bankman-Fried Faces Trial in US.

DogeCoin received a ton of hype after the SpaceX owner tweeted about it to his 61 million plus followers, ever since then Elon Musk has been a huge supporter of the project. The Doge project was originally a joke that turned into a reality.

Elon Musk’s company Tesla accepts DogeCoin as a form of payment. You can read more about doge on their website and check their price chart out using the link above.


Shiba Inu


Now enough about all these DOGE coins right? What is going on with the cute and cuddly kitty or is it a cat? Shiba Inu blew up back in 2020 when they sent over half the tokens to ethereum’s co-founder Volatik Buterin.

Volatik Buterin sold those tokens for over 40 million dollars and sent the funds to charity. Wow, what a great man he has become. This man has accomplished so much in such a short amount of time being only 28 years old, born in 1994. Check out SHIB price on CoinmarketCap here Shiba Inu Price.

According to the SHIBA INU’s website, SHIB is the "DOGECOIN KILLER" and is listed on their own ShibaSwap, a DEX. Shiba Inu coin was created anonymously in August 2020 under the pseudonym "Ryoshi." “Ryoshi likes to keep his anonymity and has yet to reveal himself.


Toon Finance


Shiba Inu has been very successful to date however they have another meme killer in the making. Toon Finance the new DEX that was just released on CoinMarketCap. You can check them out here on CoinMarketCap Toon.Finance.

Toon Finance has announced that they have just been listed on CoinMarketCap, wow that was fast! Toon Finance has a beautiful website with tons of cuddly toon characters. They are offering a Play to Earn battlegrounds game where players can compete against one another using SHA256.

They are also offering a Swap platform a lot like Pancake swap except for the Ethereum chain. Check out more on how to purchase toon finance and become a part of their Toon commiunity.  They have an NFT airdrop coming to the first 1,000 members to join the Toon army.

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Website: https://toon.finance/

Presale: https://buy.toon.finance/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ToonSwapFinance

Telegram: https://t.me/ToonSwapFinance

CoinMarketCap: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/toon-finance/