Anuj Saini Displays His Versatility in Acting By Portraying Two Extremely Diverse Roles in His Recent Music Videos  
Anuj Saini (Photo Credits: File Image)

Anuj Saini is already a known face in advertising and remains a favourite of many popular brands. He has starred opposite the likes of Alia Bhatt and Pankaj Kapur. His popularity led him to be handpicked by Tseries and Zee Music Company to star in their Hindi music videos. Both videos have him playing a college-going boy but both characters are poles apart! "In 'Vaaste', I play a grey character who breaks his girlfriend's heart and in Kaash Mujhe I'm the jilted lover. Both characters are completely opposite each other and required me to show both sides of young love."

"Vaaste" crossed over 600 million views on YouTube and Kash Mujhe is also steadily climbing the popularity charts, with Anuj's roles in both being loved by everyone.

Anuj is still surprised by how well his work was received by audiences and feels very lucky to get an opportunity so early in his career to work for big names like Tseries and Zee Music Company. As for how he pulled off such diverse roles he says, "I give all the credit to my directors Radhika Rao, Vinay Sapru for Vaaste and Prradip Khairwar for Kash Mujhe as they made it very easy for me to perform by giving me the freedom to improvise.”