Aadhaar First Poster: Viineet Kumar Singh Plays a Villager Trying to Get His Aadhaar Card (See Pic)
Aadhaar Poster (Photo Credits: Twitter/@ItsVineetSingh)

Now, here is something that will get the crowd talking. The first poster of the movie Aadhar, which based on government-issued Aadhaar, has been released. The nation is still up in debates about security issues related to Aadhaar cards, a movie on the same seems like an invitation to the furore. The tagline of Aadhaar is 'A card can ru(i)n your life'.  The poster features Viineet Kumar Singh as the male lead. The actor is yet to make another remarkable outing since his breakout performance in Mukkabaaz. Viineet plays Pharsua, the first person to enrol for Aadhaar in a village in Jharkhand in this social satire.  EXCLUSIVE! 'Gold' Actor Vineet Kumar Singh Opens Up About Courting Controversy with His Upcoming Film 'Aadhaar'.

We are impressed by the art of the first poster. It takes a creative route to subtly tell you about the story and the character. We see the domino effect of toppling Aadhaar cards reach the protagonist. Contrasting the chaos of the subject in the poster, the background colour is a calm blue. Good job. Maybe popular Bollywood posters can learn a thing from here on how to make a subtle poster. Vineet Kumar Singh Birthday Special: 5 Powerful Performances From the Underrated Talent Who Deserves More Attention From Bollywood.

Check Out Viineet Kumar's Aadhaar Poster Here:

Viineet also mentioned the crew of Aadhaar in a tweet:

Aadhaar has been directed by Suman Ghosh. It has been produced by Manish Mundra. Aadhaar had its premiere at the Busan International Film Festival last year. This year, the festival will run from October 3 to October 12. The festival will open with Kazakhstan's The Horse Thieves. Aadhaar director Suman Ghosh will present his film, The Waste Collector, at the festival this time.

In the past, the director has said that a New Yorker article was the inception of the story of Aadhaar in 2011. He said that Aadhaar is a snapshot of modern India and the story of a common man.