Akshay Kumar's This Still From 2.0 Is a Warning That The STORM Is Coming!
Akshay Kumar (Photo Credit: Twitter)

A brand new still from Akshay Kumar and Rajinikanth starrer 2.0 is out and it's only going to make impatient for the film! 2.0 is only a day away from releasing and the excitement is already mounting among fans. In the midst of this hype, makers have shared a new pic of Akshay from the movie and he looks every bit of a super villain! With his wings spread out, Akshay n his villainous avatar is all set to take over the world. So far, fans have been quite impressed with this hatke avatar even though the trailer received mixed reactions. It's after a very long time that Akki has stepped into the shoes of a villain and we're hoping he proves to be an intriguing one! Akshay Kumar Was On A Liquid-Only Diet During 2.0 Shooting For This Shocking Reason.

Akshay was  on a strict liquid diet when he was shooting for the part.

"You were not allowed to eat after putting on prosthetics because your body has to be intact, as the bodysuit has been made according to your size. Plus you have to be on a liquid diet. Only milkshakes, juices and water were allowed," he was quoted by Quint earlier. "When you are shooting with prosthetics all over your body, the pores on your skin can't breathe because there is no oxygen since your whole body is packed. So, for the five to six hours that I used to shoot, all the sweat used remain inside my body. When they use to remove the whole thing, I used to smell of sweat,” he explained further. Anyway, how many of you are excited for 2.0? Comment below and tell us.