Aparna Sen is revered as a prolific filmmaker whose women-centric themes are magnanimous and extremely authentic. Be it Mr. and Mrs. Iyer or Paroma or 36 Chowringhee Lane or the fantastic Paromitar Ek Din, her directorials are moving and deeply cathartic. But she is also an equally amazing performer. Sen has a certain aura of a smart, accomplished, and strong woman that used to always come out on screen. Even when she played submissive characters, Sen's screen persona retained her stoic presence. She is unbelievable good in front and behind the camera. Now that's a skill every actress would love to possess.Wonderful That Youths Joined Protests Against CAA: Aparna Sen

Sen was Brian Brake's model for his series Monsoon Girl when she was all of 15. That photograph became one of his most popular clicks. Her debut as a lead actor happened with Satyajit Ray's Teen Kanya. She was 15 here too and when you open with a genius, your trajectory is bound to be fruitful, especially when you are deft. On her birthday today, let us tell you more about her movies as an actor and why you must watch them.

Teen Kanya (1961)

Debut film with Ray as a director and a story written by Kabiguru Rabindra Nath Tagore, no newcomer can ask for more. Sen was only 15 when she featured in the Samapti (Conclusion) segment of this anthology series. Sen is Mrinmayee, a carefree teenage girl who doesn't feel inhabited to laugh at anyone and loves to play with the boys. The actress transforms from a wild child to a dutiful wife without losing her wild streak. She does it will so much aplomb that you would think that's her real nature.

Basanta Bilap (1973)

This could easily be an extension to her role as Mrinmayee in Teen Kanya, only this time she is an adult. Sen is a rebel here and has strong opinions about life. The movie also explores her comic side in a much better way which tells you what an incredible talent she is.

Shwet Patharer Thala (1992)

She played a widow who had to give up wearing up white as is the doctrine of the society for the sake of her son. This is considered the best of Sen's career where she projected the hurt and pain of her existence marvelously.

Unishe April (1996)

She is an accomplished dancer, very famous, and has the world at her feet but her relationship with her daughter is peppered with repeated 'Thanks' or silences. Sen does a fantabulous job of bringing out the pains of a successful woman who couldn't be with her family.

Paromitar Ek Din (2000)

Like we mentioned before, Sen's movies celebrate women and their rights. Paromitar Ek Din does that so spectacularly that you start looking for someone like that in your lives. In a day and age of saas-bahu serials based on templates, Paromitar Ek Din could be a lesson in bringing a change where this same dynamics is of friendship. Sen plays lonely Sanaka who finally finds a friend in her son's wife but circumstances leave her back to her loneliness. Sen gave a heart-wrenching performance.

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