Kangana Ranaut Labels Entertainment Journalists Guild of India as ‘Deshdrohi’; Twitterati Has a Mixed Response to Her Video!
Kangana Ranaut and EJG (Photo Credits: Twitter)

This morning Judgementall Hai Kya actress Kangana Ranaut’s video message created stirred another stir. She has not just refused to apologise to the Entertainment Journalists Guild of India, but Kangana has even labelled the fraternity as ‘deshdrohi’. In the video which is shared by her sister Rangoli Chandel, Kangana has challenged the fraternity to ban her. Kangana’s choice of words for the media has not been digested by some of the Twitterati. There has been a mixed response to the video which has taken the internet by storm. Kangana Ranaut Does Not Apologise, but Asks Media to BAN Her - Watch Videos.

Kangana Ranaut’s behaviour at the song launch event turned out to be ugly, after which the Entertainment Journalists Guild of India (EJG) demanded a written apology from her. Judgementall Hai Kya producer Ekta Kapoor issued an apology, however that did not work in Kangana’s favour. In one of the videos, Kangana stated in Hindi that three to four of them have made some Guild against her through which people have threatened the actress stating she’ll be banned or ruin her career. ‘Arre nalayakon, deshdrohiyon, bikau logon, tumlogon ko khareedne k liye lakhon bhi nai chahiye’, said Kangana in her video. Rajkummar Rao Supports his Judgemental Hai Kya Co-star, Kangana Ranaut in her Spat Against the Journalist.

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The Entertainment Journalists Guild of India in their latest statement has stated that they will continue to support the film Judgementall Hai Kya, which is scheduled to release on July 26. In their earlier statements it was also clarified that the other casts in this film will not be affected with the ongoing issue. But after such response from Kangana Ranaut, we wonder what will happen next.