Major Turn On, Pick Up Lines And the Kiss - 5 Revelations By Kareena Kapoor Khan That Will Blow Your Mind
Kareena Kapoor Khan Look Book (Photo Credits: File Image/Instagram)

Kareena Kapoor Khan's interview on The Love Laugh Live Show on RomedyNow turned out to be quite interesting last weekend. She spoke about what Taimur loves to say, how he breaks her heart and what kind of men fascinate her. In the midst of all that she also revealed what turns her on. We told you how she has to live with Taimur's constant question about where is his father all the time. But that's not all that she has revealed. Kareena Kapoor Khan's Latest Series of Workout Videos Are a Source of Inspiration!

Speaking to host Faye Dsouza, Kareena revealed that intelligent men are a major turn on for her. She also revealed that nobody has ever used a pickup line on her. We find it hard to believe but if she is saying, maybe she is right. Check out the five interesting tell-alls by Kareena right here...

Well, we agree most of the things that Kareena Kapoor Khan revealed in the show. We also wonder what they talk in their WhatsApp groups, what turns them on and much more. Also, nobody has used a pickup line on us either!