Pihu Eyes for Guinness Book of World Records While Internet Slams Makers for Its Marketing Gimmick

Internet was not able to not talk about the scary trailer of the upcoming film Pihu. The first footage of the film dropped last week and has received praise and flak in equal amount. The movie features  2-year-old girl alone in her home that has not been baby proofed. Her own abode becomes her worst enemy with potential hazards literally footsteps away from her. The movie features a 2-year-old as the only character. Which the makers are thinking would be enough to fetch them a Guinness World Record.

As per reports, the makers of Pihu have decided to send the film to be considered by Guinness Book of World Records. Director of Pihu, Vinod Kapri, has said, "Honestly, I cannot believe that 'Pihu' is being sent for the Guinness Book of World Records. This thought never came to my mind while making 'Pihu' and capturing the innocence of the little girl. This film is really close to my heart and I am really excited to share the film with the audiences making it to the Guinness book will be a really great achievement for me as a filmmaker in trying to push the boundaries of cinema."

Well, we are really looking forward to seeing how that goes for the film. Because one of their marketing gimmicks has already fallen flat on its face. Twitterati were quick to call out the marketing team of the film when many people complained receiving a call from a 'crying girl, Pihu, asking for help'.

Pihu was officially selected for prestigious international film festivals which include Vancouver, Palmsprings, Iran, Morocco and Germany. It was also the opening film at the International Film Festival of India, Goa, in 2017.