Rishi Kapoor Wants Female Cricketers in the IPL Auctions and Here's How Twitter Reacted
Rishi Kapoor (Photo credits: Twitter @chintskap)

Since social media has flourished, Bollywood celebs have found a new platform to express their opinion and keep the fans updated with it. While some of them choose to stay away from this world, some of the B- town stars are quite active on it. Rishi Kapoor falls in the latter category. It is a known fact, how Mr Kapoor does not mince a word while tweeting his opinion on Twitter, be it on any subject. He gets trolled, he gets supported but he continues to express. His recent tweet is on ‘IPL Auction’ and women’.

The 65- year- old actor tweeted, “IPL.Just a thought! Why not female Cricketers in the Auction. No gender biases, have a mix of players from cricketing countries in the playing eleven! Or is it that men play a tougher game?” Just as he posted his thoughts about including women in the IPL teams, the fans started pouring in their own versions on the issue.

While some of them trolled him endlessly by posting memes, others started discussing on the matter. Many of them demanded a separate ‘Women IPL’. The Kapoor and Sons actor triggered a thought that was fuelled by others.

Meanwhile, Ranbir Kapoor’s dad recently blocked over 5000 followers on the micro- blogging site. Talking to a leading daily, he announced, “Do you think I give a damn to these trolls or what they say? These so-called trolls feel very important if you [any celebrity] react or respond to their tweet. So, I don’t let them have that moment of joy. Everything is okay but the moment you abuse me, or you offend me, I would do nothing but simply block you.”

Coming back to the latest tweet on IPL, do you agree with Rishi Kapoor’s suggestion for the organizers? Or do you think there should be a separate team for women? Drop your opinion in the comments section below.