Sonu Sood Continues the Good Work in COVID-19 Crisis, Arranges Buses for Uttar Pradesh Migrant Workers (Watch Video)
Sonu Sood at Bus Depot (Photo Credits: Twitter)

After arranging buses to transport stranded migrant labourers to their homes in Karnataka, actor Sonu Sood took permission from the Uttar Pradesh Government to send workers back to homes there. On Saturday, multiple buses left from Wadala, Mumbai to various parts of Uttar Pradesh including Lucknow, Hardoi, Pratapgarh and Siddharthnagar as well as to states like Jharkhand and Bihar . Not only this, the "Happy New Year" actor provided meal kits to the workers too. Sonu Sood: ‘We Can’t Show Concern for Migrants by Sitting in AC and Tweeting’

"I can't express in words how it feels to see the people in distress, finally set out on their journey home comfortably. I had been reading a lot on how the migrants were walking hundreds of kilometres along with their families sans food or water. It really disturbed me and I could no longer just sit and sulk about it. I decided to do my bit as a fellow countryman and as a human, of course, by taking government permission too. Farah Khan Lauds Sonu Sood’s Kind Gesture of Arranging Buses for Migrant Labourers (Read Tweet)

"The visuals of migrants, especially babies and the elderly walking a deadly distance with bruises on their feet, really made me feel very sad. It becomes necessary to spring into action at times rather than just cribbing and simply feeling bad for them. I am extremely happy that I could help the migrants in my own way and I shall continue to help as much as I can," Sonu said.

Sonu Sood Is a COVID-19 Warrior Too

Sonu shared that this is "the least we can do for our true heroes who work day and night for us and the betterment of our state and city". "Basic transport is all that they are asking so that they can return home, to their loved ones at a crucial time.Also, I would really like to thank my good friend Neeti Goel for being a part of this initiative," he added.