Taimur Ali Khan Dolls are Being Sold in Kerala and This Pic is Proof that Taimur- Mania Is at It's Peak!
Taimur Ali Khan dolls are here (Photo Credit: Instagram, @trippiefeat, Siddhi D)

We were the FIRST ones to exclusively tell you how Taimur- mania has reached a new high with Taimur Ali Khan dolls being made! And now, film producer Ashvini Yardi has shared a picture of Taimur's lookalike doll being sold in Kerala! The toy looks exactly like baby Tim with curly hair and similar pair of clothes. It's shocking to see a starkid being SO popular not just with the paparazzi but also with the masses! Taimur is undoubtedly super cute but we never thought that the craziness could reach to a level where people actually start making a doll that looks exactly like him. Remember on Koffee With Karan recently, Karan Johar and Saif Ali Khan revealed how there is a rate card which every photographer has and Taimur tops the list. The rate card is basically the 'rate' of per celebrity and Taimur is the 'costliest' of them all! Taimur Mania Intensifies! Shops Start Selling Dolls That Look Like Baby Tim - See EXCLUSIVE Pic.

Despite all the media frenzy, Kareena and Saif have never really stopped the paparazzi from taking Taimur's pictures. He's very well acquainted with the media now and has started waving at them! Obviously, he isn't aware yet how big a celebrity he is but we wonder how he'd react to this once he grows up! Anyway, take a look at the pic Ashvini Yardi shared on Twitter below-

We sure would want to know Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor's take on these cute little dolls! Do you like'em? Tell us what's your take on it in the comments below and keep reading this space for more updates!