Avengers stars Jeremy Renner has slammed a case on his estranged wife for embezzling money from their daughter's trust fund. The new legal documents were filed in court last Tuesday and have been acquired by People.  In the documents received, Renner has accused ex-wife Sonni Pacheco of misappropriating up to $50,000 from their 7-year-old daughter Ava Berlin’s trust fund into her own bank account over the period of two years. Pacheco was also accused of transferring an additional $10,000. Marvel's Hawkeye Aka Jeremy Renner Drops New Album Titled The Medicine, Says 'Music Unites People in a Pure Way' (Watch Video).

According to People, the court documents filed last Tuesday stated: "In an email to Mr Renner’s business manager, Jeffrey Jacobs, dated April 23, 2019, [Pacheco] admitted transferring funds from the minor’s trust account to her personal account in violation of the Court’s Order, stating: ‘The money transfers to my bank were to keep my afloat/provide [the minor] Christmas presents/birthday gift bags and essentials for her bday party – after all my savings were spent on lawyers/child custody evaluator."

Regarding the additional, $10,000 Pacheo has said that it was to pay her property taxes.

In a statement to the press, Pacheco hit back at Renner, saying that she’s “sick of being continually bullied, having my name slandered, and the truth muted.”

“Anyone who is a parent knows that the most important thing in the world is their child’s health and safety,” the statement continued. “Over the years it’s hard to fathom what I’ve seen and what people have told me they’ve seen in regards to Jeremy’s disturbing actions while our child is in his care.”

While she did not delve into details of the disturbing actions this time, in the past she has accused her ex-husband of shoving a gun in her mouth and threatening to kill her. Renner is also accused of allegedly biting his daughter.

The statement further added, “Unfortunately, these actions have landed me in a position to need to retain legal support, undergo a child custody evaluation, and now have a plan parent coordinator,"

"It is hard for me to stay muted because, after all this time, money, and energy spent putting safety measures in place to keep our daughter safe while once again in Jeremy’s care, these measures are still being violated as of today," Pacheco concluded.

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