Captain Marvel: Goose the Cat Will Defeat Thanos in Avengers: EndGame, Say Fans After Watching Brie Larson’s Superhero Film – Read Tweets
Thanos; Goose the Cat (Photo Credits: Marvel)

There is no doubt that the biggest scene-stealer in Marvel's latest superhero film, Captain Marvel, is Goose the Cat. Okay, those who have seen the movie know that there is more to this awesome mute character than being just an orange furball on whom Nick Fury (Samuel L Jackson) so dotes on. So why are Marvel fans, who have seen the movie, now saying that this little cat is the best means to defeat the mighty Thanos, who wiped away half the living beings in one snap at the end of Avengers: Infinity War? To explain that, we have to delver into BIG SPOILERS for those who haven't seen Captain Marvel. So tread carefully! Captain Marvel Movie Review: Brie Larson's Superhero Outing is Impressive and the Future of MCU Seems to be in Good Hands.

Okay, so Goose is actually the pet of Carol Danvers's (Brie Larson) mentor Lawson (Annette Benning), who is secretly a Kree by the name, Mar-Vell. After Carol returns to Earth to stop Skrulls, she and Nicky Fury comes across Goose in Pegasus, while searching for info about Lawson (and Danvers' past). Goose tags along with them, when the duo escapes from the SHIELD, and even goes with them to space.

Now, the Skrulls are seen being wary of it and call Goose a 'flerken'. The audience is made to assume that flerken could be a space term for 'cat' (just like Earth is called C-53). Later, even the Kree tags Goose as 'high risk' while Fury feels insulted when he is seen as 'low to no risk'. It is only later that we find out the Goose is really a flerken, which is an alien creature that normally looks like a simple cat. But when it is threatened, it can shooted carnivorous tentacles out of its mouth that can swallow men whole and even hide a powerful object like the Tesseract inside its stomach. It is also Goose whose annoyed scratch causes Fury to lose his left eye (though he encourages the rumour that it was Kree that made him lose the eye). Captain Marvel’s Cat Goose Has Left Korea Obsessed With a Photoshop Trend That Is Going Viral on Twitter; Check Out the Pictures!

But there is no doubt that Goose is really powerful and we have only seen a fraction of how powerful it is in Captain Marvel. After seeing the film, Marvel fans are now betting on Goose to kill Thanos, and looking at what she did in Captain Marvel, we can say she can easily do so!

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In an interview after the release of the film, one of the directors, Anna Boden, revealed that we are yet to see more powers from Goose. Which means that there is a high chance that she will appear in future MCU movies. Considering she was in the possession of Nick Fury by the end of Captain Marvel, we wonder where she is now and will the Avengers really use her to beat Thanos in EndGame.