Spider-Man Far From Home New Poster: Tom Holland aka Peter Parker Looks Lost in the World Without Iron Man
Spider-Man Far From Home new poster (Photo Credits: Twitter)

It will take some time for us to get over this Avengers mania. Marvel's latest offering, Avengers: Endgame was an emotional rollercoaster with us bidding adieu to two of the most prominent characters. After Black Widow's shocking death it was time to say adios to Iron Man and trust us, we all had a lump in our throat for those few minutes. Some of us even cried a river. However, the emotional trauma will go a step ahead when Peter Parker returns with his next Spider-Man release. Disney CEO Hints About All The Marvel Movies To Expect After Avengers: EndGame and Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Marvel's next big outing is Tom Holland's Spider-Man which is set after the endgame. Peter Parker is back to his normal life and is happy to go on a trip with his mates. However, destiny has some other plans in its store and MCU's big bad villain, Mysterio enters our universe to disrupt Parker's plans. While the trailers were loaded with many emotional moments and filled with Iron Man references, this new poster makes it a tad difficult for us to control our sobfest. Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer: Did Tom Holland’s Film Reveal Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Plan of Including X-Men?

Check out Spider-Man Far From Home's new poster

With a painting of Iron Man on a wall in the backdrop, Peter Parker aka Spider-Man looks lost in a world without its protector. His mentor died while saving the entire universe and his void will never be filled. Yet, Peter has to survive and fight for what's left behind. As Happy Hogan says, "I don’t think Tony would have done what he did if he didn’t know you were going to be here after he was gone". Spider-Man has to step up and take charge for the Earth needs the next Iron Man. Yes, he'll be terribly missed but let's hope his prodigy is able to make the process a bit easier for all of us.