Grim Reapers are interesting creatures in kdrama land. They are smart, chic, good-looking, slightly rude, sometimes cruel, wear black and has some really cool one-liners. Tomorrow, an ongoing show streaming on Netflix, have a bureau of such people. What's refreshing is this time the leading grim reaper is a feisty woman Kim Hee-sun who has an incredible personality and fantastic hair. But Lee Soo Hyuk who plays Park Joong-gil, the leader of the Grim Reaper management team, it seems got a different memo altogether. Apart from looking ravishingly hot, he has to go on these elaborate swag walks which gets even more eye-catchy when they are in slow-motion. 5 pics that Show Why A Mean And Cold Lee Soo Hyuk in K-Dramas is Such a Turn-On!.

We have five such videos to show of Lee Soo Hyuk's walk as a grim reaper which we feel deserves a separate ramp of their own.

The Prof. Snape walk

The smoulder walk

The pensive walk

The gangster walk

The man on a mission walk

Tomorrow, The Universe's Star, Black - 5 Kdrama Grim Reapers We Love Heart And 'Soul'.


What's amusing here is that Lee Soo Hyuk appears in the show pretty often at the end of episodes to do his customary walk. We aren't complaining because he is so stunning!

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