Shah Rukh Khan Asks Fans If Aryan’s Voice Sounds Similar to His in The Lion King Teaser and Fans Say ‘Hell Yeah’
Here's what Bollywood celebs think about The Lion King's new teaser.

Shah Rukh Khan and his son Aryan are reuniting for a movie once again. In case you forgot, the father-son duo had dubbed for the Hindi version of The Incredibles in 2004. Now, they are voicing for the characters in the live-action remake of The Lion King. We had heard how Shah Rukh sounded like Mufasa when the first teaser of the film was released. Today, the first teaser featuring the voice fo Aryan as Simba was released and the internet is in head over heels love with him. Note that this is literally the first time we are hearing the voice of a grown-up Aryan.

Shah Rukh posted a tweet on behalf of his son and expressed how grateful he is. In the same tweet, he asked if the fans thought Aryan's voice sounded similar. Of course, the question was if Aryan sounded similar to Shah Rukh Khan. Fans definitely think so. Aryan Khan as Simba: B-Town Celebs Impressed by Shah Rukh Khan's Son in The Lion King, Say 'Apple Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree'.

Many took to Twitter to express how they found uncanny similarities between the cadence, tone and texture of SRK and Aryan's voice.

Here is another one

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You get the gist, right? The general sentiment is that Aryan is quite similar to his father. The world will surely be a better place with two Shah Rukh Khans. The Lion King remake is all set to release on July 19 in English and Hindi.