Bepannaah Written Episode Update, July 12, 2018: Zoya Wins Best Entrepreneur Award And Uses Her Media Interview to Reach Out to Aditya
Photo Credit: Colors TV/ Episode Stills

Today's episode of Bepannaah starts with Roshna waking up Noor and Zoya(Jennifer Winget) telling them that it is a big day for Zoya. Noor takes up the task of getting Zoya ready.

Sakshi struggles with her captor as the person once again ties her up to the chair even as she screams saying she will not tell anyone. The captor then calls Arjun from Sakshi's phone using a computer.

Arjun gets Sakshi's call and speaks to her. Arjun searches around for Anjana so even she can talk to Sakshi but he does not find Anjana around. The captor makes an excuse and hangs up.

Later leaves the place as Sakshi is still tied up. Zoya gets ready for her big day. Her parents are delighted to finally see her all decked up. The family spends some quality time together before they leave as they say the guests are waiting for them.

Harsh scolds his assistant for not being able to find Aditya(Harshad Chopda). The assistant says that they have been trailing Aditya for long, but Aditya seems to be leaving no clue around.

Harsh commends his son's way of thinking. Anjana is adamant that she wants Aditya back at any cost. Anjana tells Harsh that he is not trying enough to find their son. Arjun watches the two of them and feels sad. Zoya is presented an award for Best Entrepreneur.

Somewhere far away Aditya sits drinking and watching Zoya on his screen. Zoya is commended for getting Zosh to the top. Wasim feels proud of his daughter. Zoya is asked to speak a few words and she thanks her family and also the employees of Zosh.

Finally, Zoya says she wants to thanks someone special who has always fought with her. She says that this person put up challenges in front of her and those challenges became her strength.

She calls out to Aditya who is pleasantly surprised as she takes his name. She tells Aditya that she is always praying for him. Later during her media interview, she says Aditya is her inspiration.

She says that while joining Zosh she was another person and Aditya remembers Zoya like that. Zoya says that now she is confident and also that she misses Aditya and all their fights.

Aditya smiles as he thinks that she used to terrorise him with her Urdu. Zoya finally says that she thinks Aditya is angry with everyone, but he will come back when he misses her like she misses him.

Noor takes Zoya away and asks her if Aditya will ever know that she thinks of him so much. Zoya says that she is sure he will hear her. Later she wishes for Aditya to come back.