Jasleen, Somi and Sreesanth are the last three left in the jail, as the buzzer rings, Srishty and Dipika, get hold of Jasleen and in that process, she falls down and hurts herself. Now it's just Sreesanth and Somi left, and Sreesanth is determined to be the captain and says he will beat Saba and won't sacrifice. 

Over the weekend, caller of the week revealed what Sreesanth said to Dipika about Nehha. Last week, when they had an argument, Sreesanth got angry and told Dipika and Karanvir that he knows somethings about Nehha and if they come in the forefront, she will cry. Nehha and Sreesanth, who are locked in the jail area as a part of the task are talking about this. Nehha tells him that she is disappointed in him and that he shouldn't have said such a thing about her. He apologises, but she doesn't accept. He tells her that she should not talk to him then. 

As always, this task too saw the competitive spirit of each contestants shine out. Romil and Dipika get into a brawl and so do Karanvir and Surbhi. Surbhi alleges Karanvir of foul play and Dipika thinks Romil was biased towards his jodidaar - Surbhi

After Surbhi's advice, Sreesanth is seen planning and plotting in the task, which is a far cry from his personality. 

Adding more drama, Bigg Boss announces the luxury budget task called the ‘Jail Break’ which will have repercussions on this week’s captaincy.

As a part of the task, the housemates are divided into two groups - Prisoners and Policemen. Sreesanth, Nehha, Jasleen, Deepak,  Surbhi, Sorabh and Somi are the prisoners and Karanvir, Dipika, Srishty, Saba, Shivashish, Romil and Urvashi are the police officers. With every buzzer the jail’s door will open and two policemen have to guard the door. The prisoners need to jump a wall and try to flee while the policemen had to stop them. The last one to jump the wall, would be eliminated from the competition. 

Surbhi later tells Sreesanth that he should act maturely and that he should have not destroyed the ball, and as a fan she is disappointed. She motivates him to play the game differently now and it's time to be all charged up. 

Jasleen and Sreesanth are playing cricket in the living area with a help of a stick and a ball, which Sreesanth made with the help of tissue paper. Bigg Boss asks Romil, who is the captain of the house to come to confession room and tells him as a captain it's his responsibility to not let others to damage the property of the house. Romil then comes out and takes away the stick and ball. Sreesanth gets angry and destroys the ball. He tells out loud that he was banned to play cricket outside and in the house, it is the same that happened to him. He then asks Bigg Boss to let him go and removes the mic. Sreesanth locks himself in the bathroom.

Sreesanth says that it was Romil and Deepak, who took the ball from Sreesanth's drawer and started playing first. And he only joined them. 

Bigg Boss announces that since Sreesanth, Karanvir Bohra and Nehha Pendse were nominated by Bigg Boss last week, there is no need for another nominations process.

Shivashish asks Jasleen if she unpacked her bag, and she says she did, and was stressed because of that. Anup, who is in the secret room watching it all, says out loud that Jasleen is only stressed about clothes and not because he left. He then adds that Jasleen now has two people, one Shiv, who is a friend and the other Sourabh, who is like her brother. 

Deepak Thakur is upset with Urvashi Vani as she is continuing to talk to Sourabh Patel and Shivashish Mishra, who had an argument with Deepak yesterday. Hearing this, she starts crying after Deepak walks away. Romil tells Urvashi that she shouldn't cry because of Deepak, because at the end of the day there will be one winner. 

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And it's the start of a new week! Inside the Bigg Boss house, it means the start of a new task, which will have an impact on the nominations and the captaincy. Over the weekend, host Salman Khan eliminated Anup Jalota, but he didn't go home as he is in a secret room of the Bigg Boss house from where he is able to see all the activities and hear conversations happening in the main house. Sreesanth got to see a video message from his wife over the weekend, and after this, he is all charged up as we will see him planning and plotting during the task. Of course, there will be some heated arguments like we see during any other task. Bigg Boss 12: Anup Jalota's Reaction To Jasleen Matharu And Shivashish Mishra's Closeness Is Unmissable - Watch Video.

If you are unable to watch the episode of Bigg Boss 12, fret not! Here are all the LIVE updates of tonight's telecast of BB12.