Bigg Boss 12: Neha Dhupia Grills Romil Choudhary in His Roadies Audition – Watch Viral Video
Neha Dhupia. Romil Choudhary

Another shocking detail about another Bigg Boss 12 contestant is out. Romil Choudhary, the lawyer, who got a golden chance to continue his stay inside the house last Friday, is not new to the reality show circuit. The man had auditioned and has been rejected for Roadies twice. Maybe that is how he caught the attention of the makers of Bigg Boss 12? In a video that is going viral on Twitter, Romil's second attempt at auditioning for Roadies can be seen. Bigg Boss 12: Nehha Pendse Turns Up the Heat With Her Sexy Pole Dance – Watch Video.

In the viral video, Romil is standing in front of the Roadies jury, who recognise him from another Roadies auditions that took place the previous year. This gives them an opportunity to grill the poor guy. Neha Dhupia, one of the best Roadies captains in ages, in my opinion, under the pretext of remembering Romil, recalls all the embarrassing things about him. She recalls how he was asked to jump but couldn't. Rannvijay Singha adds how he asked Romil to get fitter. And so on. This is a very small clip but we are sure that the makers saw something in him which is why he is in Bigg Boss 12.

We wonder why Romil had to put up a front of this whole lawyer saga? We would have been just as accepting of him if as a reality show reject?

 In other news, Anup Jalota has been eliminated from the Bigg Boss 12 house. Sort of. For the housemates, the singer has been thrown out of the house, but in reality, he has only been moved to the secret room. All we have to do is what for Jasleen Matharu to say something nasty about him and well, the real drama will begin. Looking forward to this week's episodes.