There was no elimination this week as Anup Jalota wasn't evicted from the show. The makers have in fact sent him to a secret chamber from where he'll keep a watch on Jasleen and other contestants.

Anup Jalota lets girlfriend Jasleen Matharu stay inside the house! He decides to leave the house while Jasleen will enjoy her stay inside. 

Anup Jalota and Jasleen Matharu secure the lowest number of votes but there's a catch. Salman Khan gives one of them a way to secure their position inside the house. The couple has to unanimously take a decision and name the one who will stay and who will get eliminated. It's Bigg Boss' way to test their love for each other. 

Former cricketer Sreesanth gets emotional after watching a lovely video from his wife. She asks him to keep his cool and not get emotional all the time. 

This week Karanvir Bohra and Deepak Thakur will fight in the Sultani Akhada! The winner will get a special power of asking the loser to do all his household chores inside the house for a week.

Bharti Singh who came to promote her upcoming show, India's Got Talent has already left the house. She will now join Salman Khan on his set. 

After Nehha Pendse, Jasleen is asked to do a pole dance. The only difference is in the pole! Jasleen is asked to use Anup Jalota as her pole. 

Thanks to Bharti, the contestants are quite relieved. She's interacting with all of them and is even flirting with Anup Jalota. It's too cute to see Jasleen getting jealous. 

Comedian Bharti is inside the house! She's interacting with the contestants and they are quite happy to mingle with a familiar face. 

The day is finally here when one of the 15 contestants will bid adieu to Salman Khan's reality show. This week we have Karanvir Bohra, Anup Jalota, Jasleen Matharu, Sreesanth and Shristy Rode in the eviction list and fans are damn nervous to find out who will say his final goodbye. Last night's episode was quite fun for Govinda interacted with the contestants and Salman made them aware that they have to play for themselves. The actor asked them to be selfish and not think about anyone else inside the house. He warned Karanvir to stop acting great as the ultimate winner would only be one and no one would return his favours. Bigg Boss 12: Nehha Pendse Turns Up the Heat With Her Sexy Pole Dance – Watch Video.

In tonight's episode, we'll see comedian Bharti Singh join Salman for the Weekend ka Vaar episode. She will also enter the house and mingle with the contestants before the host makes his big announcement. Check out all the LIVE updates of tonight's episode of Bigg Boss 12 right here.