Bigg Boss 12: Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan Just Proved That Their Relation is 'Pyaar Ka Bandhan' And Is 'Janmon Ka Sangam'! Here’s why!
(Photo Credits: Episode Stills)

Bigg Boss 12 is only two weeks away from its grand finale and the competition is not only getting tougher with each passing day but also dirtier. The fights don’t seem to stop, nor do the blame games. This season was also, unfortunately, the one that was termed a very boring one. Also, this season’s contestants are also not at the top of the viewers’ favourite list as well. In the beginning month of the show, the makers brought in a lot of guests (ex-contestants, show actors and Bollywood starts) to come on the show, in a bid to increase the TRPs. However, we shall say that the jackpot has now arrived. Bigg Boss 12: Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan's Reunion Episode to Promote Zero Looks Helluva Fun – View Pics

We already know that this weekend’s guest on Bigg Boss 12 will be Shah Rukh Khan, who will be seen on the show for promoting his next film Zero. We all the know the kind of camaraderie that both the Khans share. And we have to tell you all this – SRK and Salman owned the stage like nobody ever has. The duo indulged in some games and was happily pulling each other’s leg. Watch the video below.

There was another round of fun and games.

And then, SRK met the housemates via the television and the duo indulged in an interesting task, where Karanvir as Shah Rukh Khan, had to express his love to Sreesanth who was to be Anjali. And that impersonation was an epic one.

(Photo Credits: Episode Stills)

Later on, Deepak Thakur prepared a performance for King Khan to his song Gerua and added the much-needed punch when he applied turmeric to himself, which had all the housemates and both SRK and Sallu laughing out loud.

(Photo Credits: Episode Stills)

All in all, tonight’s episode is going to be a must watch – only and only for Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan and their bromance. And we’re pretty sure, the lines from the duo’s film Karan-Arjun – ‘Yeh Bandhan Toh Pyaar Ka Bandhan Hai… Janmon Ka Sangam Hai’, are what will come to your mind when you want to define their bond.