Contestants discuss what just happened. Paras asks everyone to not talk to him. Salman comes on screen again. Paras apologises again. Salman says, "pitega". Paras says that he is ready. At least he wil get to say that he was beaten up by SALMAN KHAN. Salman says that there is no one in the creative that tells him what to do. He says that he will announced the evicted contestants' name tomorrow. Paras and Shehnaaz talk their differences out. 

Mahira tells eveyrone that they are overreacting on her and Paras' situation. Salman asks if he is having problems why is he taking Akanksha's support. Salman tells that Paras could not have said something worse than that he will pay back to Akanksha with BB money. Paras also calls Akanksha a broker between him and his stylist. Salman says that he also wrote a letter to Akanksha, when he was out for medical assistance. Paras says that he only wrote what he wanted  - shoes, clothes and perfumes - and on the creative team's advice he added a sorry in the end. Paras says that he will leave the show if he has written things like 'he is only playing a game'. He also gets hyper. Salman says, "Main aa jaun apni par. Ab main bolta hun...ab bahar mil tu mujhe!"Paras apologises. Salman lies down on the floor. Salman assures Paras that no one is saying anything about him and that Akanksha is also supporting him everywhere, even on social media. Salman asks everyone to behave properly with him since he is behaving with them properly. 

Salman asks Paras to tell Shehnaaz what he said about her father. Paras accepts that said something in anger. Salman says if he was inside the house he won't have reacted and respected the elderly. Salman asks Paras what he told Pearl. Paras reveals that he told Pearl to tell Akanksha Puri that he is only playing a game and she should not be bothered. Paras tells Salman when he went out to get his hand treated by doctors, the creative team told him that Akanksha is upset and saying things in interviews. Salman calrifies that Akanksha has not said anything in interviews. Salman reminds Paras that Akanksha is sending him clothes, shoes and perfumes to wear on the show. And even the food sent to him was sent by Akanksha. Salman asks Mahira if she knows if Akanksha is sending him clothes. She says she knows he has a girlfriend. Paras tells Salman and everyone that he told Akanksha that she should not feel bad if he finds someone inside the house. Paras says that their relationship is about to end. Salman tells that Akanksha is continously supproting him by sending him clothes and money to his mother. Paras says that because she loves him. But he doesn't love her. Salman asks then why is he taking her support. Paras says that because he has no one else in Mumbai. Salman says that his yellow shoes were costly and were gifted to him by Akanksha. Paras says that they were gifted but not by Akanksha. He asks Salman to tell the creative team to not whisper rubbish. Salman says that this is not the creative team. Salman tells Paras that Akanksha called him to know what the f**k is happening. 

Shehnaaz tells Bigg Boss why won't they send Gautam Gulati in the house. Right then, Gautam enters the house. Shehnaaz showers Gautam with kisses. Gautam reminds her of Sidhatrh, and she says she doesn't care. Shehnaaz and Gautam dance to a romantic song and try to make Sidhatrh jealous. Gautam exits. Shehnaaz continues to smell her hand where Gautuam touched. 

We are shown footage of special guests entering the house. Karan Singh Grover enters the house to meet his best-friend Arti. He tells Arti that she is doing well. He teaches Sidharth how to control his anger. He tells Asim and Arti that they are his wife Bipasha Basu's favourite. Bigg Boss 3 winner Vindu Dara Singh enters and talks to the contestants. 

Salman jokes that Himanshi is there to meet Asim. He, then, tells Asim that he should not have flirted with Himanshi since she was engaged to someone else. He informs the housemates that Himanshi's fiance broke up with her. He tells Asim that he should now be with Himanshi forever. 

Contestants continue to argue over what happened between Vishal and Madhurima. Vishal tells Asim and everyone else that Madhurima did not even love 50 percent of how much he loved her. Shehnaaz tells Mahira that she'll apologise to Sidharth, and she only hit him out of love. Salman comes on the screen again. Salman tells Vishal that Madhurima has not only left the house but also his life. Salman shows housemates the footage from when the astrologer entered the house. Salman shows them Arti's footage when she was told that she'd get married this year. Salman teases Sidharth and Arti that they should be a couple. Salman then shows the contestants how Arti Singh is always around when Shehnaaz and Sidharth are romancing. 

Salman sauys that they have to abide by the house rules. And asks Madhurima to leave the house. The contestant leaves. Salman tells Vishal they he warned the two back on Nach Baliye 9 as well. Salman adds that he asked her to take care of her inside the house but he didn't. He tells Vishal that he must know what triggers Madhurima. 

Salman Khan shows the contestants how Madhurima hit Vishal. Most contestants are shocked. Salman asks Shehnaz why is she smiling. He tells her maybe she finds this funny because she also slapped Sidharth depite asking not to. He tells her to try this with Sidharth outside the hosue and see how he reacts. Salman tells Vishal and Madhurima that there are certain rules. And unfortunately they are going to be removed from the house. 

Salman Khan tells Vishal that throwing water is not someone's insult but an insult to water. He tells them that villagers have to walk miles for a bucket of water and people are dying of thirs in the world. So, it was shameful that they wasted water. Salman tells Vishal and Madhurima that this was their personal matter. He tells them that the next person in their lives would know about them as they have watched Bigg Boss. 

Salman Khan is growing tired of the contestants on Bigg Boss 13. He has to school them every weekend. Another Weekend Ka Vaar has come and the host has been tasked once again to reprimand the contestants over what they did in the house during the last one week. After Vishal Aditya Singh threw water on her face, Madhurima Tuli smacked him with a frying pan so hard that it broke. In tonight's episode, we will get to see if Vishal and Madhurima will be thrown out of the house or not. They were removed from the game right after the controverys but were asked to remain inside the house until the weekend. Bigg Boss 13: Sara Ali Khan and Kartik Aaryan Shake a Leg With Salman Khan to Promote Love Aaj Kal (See Pics).

Salman will also have to school Paras Chhabra after Akanksha Puri called the Kick actor asking him to take up the matter with him. Salman will reveal to the housemate, especially Mahira Sharma, that he has promised Akanksha to marry her. Bigg Boss 13: Paras Chhabra’s Girlfriend Akanksha Puri Reveals He Was Keen on Marrying Her Soon.