Salman Khan announces that Madhurima Tuli has been evicted from the show.  But she will have to stay in the house until the Sunday episode. But he announces to the audience that there will be double eviction this time. 

Gutthi leaves to meet the contestants inside the house. Salman says that he now hates the song Dil Diyan Gallan. Salman talks to contestants again.  Indresh from Delhi is the lucky caller who gets to talk to the contestants. Indresh asks why she goes to Vishal for footage. Madhurima denies the claim. Salman says they will play a game to determine who has a black heart. Vishal and Asim are given two transparent hearts. Other contestants have to fill their transparent heart with black ink if they think they have a black heart. Rashami picks Vishal. Arti also goes for Vishal. Shefali Jariwala fills Asim's heart. Shefali Bagga also picks Vishal. Madhurima Tuli picks Asim. Arhaan also picks Vishal. Shehnaaz also picks Asim. Paras also picks Asim. And so does Mahira. Hindustani Bhau also picks Asim. Vikas Gupta picks Vishal. Asim wins.

Salman announces that Gutthi will come on stage after 4 years of gap. Sunil as his popular charcater Gutthi flirts with Salman. Gutthi asks Salman to give her the bangles. Salman also gifts Gutthi with a garland made of onions. Dil Diyan Gallan starts playing. Gutthi showers Salman with rose petals. Gutthi also pretends to be pregnant with Salman's child. She also gives birth to a fake baby that has a hairstyle similar to Salman in Tere Naam.

Sidharth Shukla is admitted to the hospital. Salman video calls the contestants to check up on him. Sidharth says that he is feeling better. Salman reveals that Sidharth has been saved from evictions. Salman jokes that he wonders if God will save his life. Sidharth reveals that he will have to stay in the hospital for a few days more. He says that he has not met his family yet. Salman says that this is because he is still in the game. Sidharth is shown messages from his fans. Everyone is missing Sidharth. 

Salman asks if the fight between Madhurima and Vishal was fake. Madhurima says that it was fake in the beginning because of the task. But soon it turned into real. Madhurima apologises that she used the word 'eunuch' in a derogatory manner. Salman jokes if she used the word for Vishal for any specific reason for Vishal. Purpose of this talk was diluted. Salman tells Rashami what Arhaan said about her. Rashami says that the situation was indeed true but she did not expect anyone to talk about it on national TV. Salman warns Rashami that her house is being accessed despite her absence. The spare key is only with Arhaan and a house help. Who is entering and exiting Rashami's house?Rashami's brother told Salman that Arhaan's family members were staying at Rashami's house in her absence. Arhaan says that won't be the case. Arhaan says sorry again for saying those things about Rashami. 

Salman describes his extremely busy shooting schedule to the contestants. He says that he will lie down and do the show today. Salman asks Bhau why is he sleeping so much. Bhau says that he did not sleep and Salman could ask everyone in the house. Salman does so. Paras says that Bhau does sleep a lot during the day. Salman asks Bhau to bring a blanket and sleep on the floor like him. Bhau says no. 

Gaurav, Rashami's younger brother enters the house. Contestants are frozen again. Gaurav kisses Rashami in  a very emotional moment. Gaurav tells Rashami what Arhaan said about her on national TV. He tells Rashami that Arhaan could not say it. "Don't be so spineless, you know what you can do," he tells his sister. They hug and cry. Gaurav asks Rashami to not take a decision. She should take a decision when she comes out, he tells her hinting at being proposed by Arhaan. Rashami and Arhaan are released to move. Arhaan asks Rashami why everyone is pointing him out. All the housemates are released. Rashami and Arhaan ask Shefali Bagga what was the conversation. Shefali says that Rashami has already talked about being bankrupt but the way Arhaan said it was problematic. 

Former contestant Hiten Tejwani enters the house. Contestants are asked to freeze again. Hiten tells Vishal that he looks confused. He tells Shehnaaz that doesn't entertain when Paras and Sidharth are not there. He tells Bhau that Shehnaaz pretends to be cute in front of Salman. Hiten says that he also becomes cute in front of Salman. Hiten moves to Vikas and tells him that he is not being he mastermind that he was known to be. He exits. Rashami and Asim Riaz are talking. Rashami says that she has fallen and gotten up everytime on her own. Vishal and Paras start arguing in the bathroom over Mahira. 

Rashami says that it would matter if Arhaan says things about her on national TV. If Paras says something, no one would care. Madhurima Tuli breaks down in tears because of Kamya's comments. She folds her hands in an apologetic manner. 

Salman Khan begins the show. He says that Kamya Punjabi, Hiten Tejwani and Rashami Desai's brother will enter the house and show the contestants the mirror. Inside the house, contestants are asked to freeze where they are. Kamya Punjabi enters the house and schools Shefali Jariwala. She tells her that she can be the mastermind of the house, but she is not there yet. She also tells Arhaan Khan that he should not be revealing personal details on national TV. She tells him that you don't do that to people you love. Kamya moves to Rashami. She reminds Rashami that she has to be strong. "Where is Rashami Desai?" she asks her. Kamya asks Rashami to not repeat her mistakes. Kamya tells Madhurima Tuli that no one is interetsed in her and Visha's love story. She tells Madhurima that it was sick that she used the word 'eunuch' as a foul word. She tells Madhurima that she has been doing a TV show for the past three years where they are trying to destigmatise the very idea. Kamya leaves and Rashami cries. 

It's a new day in Bigg Boss 13's house. And it is an exciting day. Salman Khan is here with another edition of Weekend Ka Vaar. The strict host will have to school the contestants of the reality show once again. Salman cannot catch a break with these people. Salman will scold contestants for being so irresponsible during the tasks that everyone keeps getting injured. He will also talk about Arhaan Khan's comments on Rashami Desai going bankrupt. He will lose his temper and say that he will do the show today while lying down. He will also call out Hindustani Bhau for sleeping too much during the daytime, which is breaking one important rule of Bigg Boss. He will also reveal that Vishal Aditya Singh and Madhurima Tulis' romance is looking fake. Sunil Grover will make an appearance on the show as Gutthi and make the audience laugh, and Salman uncomfortable. Bigg Boss 13: 'Miss' Hina Khan Meets 'Mr' Salman Khan To Promote Raanjhana With Priyank Sharma, Gets Super Nostalgic! (View Pics).

Bigg Boss 13 Weekend Ka Vaar also means that we will know who will be the next one to leave the show. This time Sidharth Shukla, Madhurima Tuli, Shehnaaz Gill and Hindustani Bhau have been nominated. While we won't know the name of the evicted contestant until tomorrow. We might get a name as to who is safe on tonight's episode. Check out the live updates. Bigg Boss 13 Weekend Ka Vaar Preview: Kamya Punjabi Advices Rashami Desai To Not Get Fooled In Love Once Again and Salman Khan Calls Arhaan 'Bewakoof' (Watch Video).