Ishqbaaz March 6, 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Shivaansh’s Doctor Reveals That His Condition Is Critical and Mannat Is Asked to Take Care of His Family 
Niti Taylor and Nakuul Mehta (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Today’s episode of Ishqbaaz starts with SSO (Nakuul Mehta) telling everyone that it was Mannat (Niti Taylor) who had bought the truth in front of him and that when no one believed him she was the one who supported him and had full faith in him. SSO tells PN that from running from the jail to catching Varun, she was with him. PN hugs and blesses her and tells that the work they had to do as a family was done by her and she has proved that she is the wife of SSO and puts her hands in SSO’s hand and blesses them. She then looks at Varun and tells him that he should be punished for what he has done. Ishqbaaz March 5, 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Shivaansh Gets Hospitalized After He Manages to Expose Varun In Front of Everyone With Mannat’s Help

Varun asks everyone to shut up tells everyone present there that they should wash his feet and drink that water as he married Radhika and stopped her being a laughing stock. Sahil slaps him and asks how he dare talk like that about Radhika and asks the officer to take him from here. SSO tells Varun alone cannot plan all this and that there might be someone else who is helping him in all this.  The commissioner says that she will find it out and takes him. Radhika gets emotional and cries as to why she believed Varun. SSO comforts her and asks her not to cry and that she should live her life in a new way and always be happy. Radhika comes near Mannat and says sorry to her for saying so much to her. Mannat says she did not feel bad and hugs her. Sahil comes and tells SSO that they all are proud of him, they all hug each other and are happy. Ishqbaaz: Manjiri Pupala’s Exit From the Star Plus Show CONFIRMED!

The commissioner says that she feels that the danger is still there and that he should be careful and goes from there. PN does pooja for everyone and blesses SSO and Mannat to be happy. They all click pictures with SSO. Suddenly SSO coughs and feels uncomfortable and falls down. They take him to the city hospital. The doctor tells them to wait outside as he examines him. The doctor comes out and tells that he cannot save SSO, and asks Khanna why SSO did not tell them anything till now. PN asks Khanna what the doctor is saying, Sahil then reveals that SSO is going, away from us all. Sahil says that SSO has a heart problem same as Shivaay had and that SSO’s problem is more serious. PN asks if some treatment is there, Sahil tells them that treatment is there but SSO cannot take the intense pain. Sahil says that this is the truth and that they have to believe it.

Mannat is not able to believe this all and goes from there directly to SSO’s room and tells him to get up. Mannat tells that he is her SSO and that he can fight with all the problems and that nothing has happened to him. SSO coughs and says that they are telling the truth and that she is the only one who has to take care of them and that they can believe her. SSO tells that she has to do it and that he will arrange for her. Mannat tells she just wants him to be with her and that no one can take his place. Mannat tells he has to fight for his life and not give up. Mannat tells him that he will get well soon. SSO tells PN and all not to cry as he does not like them like that and tells PN that he wants everyone to smile. The doctor tells everyone to go out as he has to monitor him, Sahil takes them all out. SSO holds Mannat and asks her to wait for two minutes. SSO tells that he wants to tell her something important and tells that he never believed her and used to say all bad things and that she gave him her support when no one was there with him and that their journey together is until here only, but before going he wants to seek forgiveness from him and says sorry.

In the precap, SSO asks Mannat what she wants from him, she tells him to get operated. The doctors tell that this operation is risky and that SSO might die also.