Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Episode Update, September 13, 2018: Raman And Ishita Fight For Justice
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Today's episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein starts with the press walking in and questioning Raman(Karan Patel) and Ishita(Divyanka Tripathi) about blackmailing Rajat.

Rajat says that he is undergoing treatment for his alcoholism and says that he shares his therapist with Raman. He says that he is perfectly fine for surgery.

Simmi pushes the press outside. Later the women whose husband died and her brother in law also support the doctor. Raman and Ishita are further agitated by how the media has thrown the entire blame on Raman.

Mani suggests speaking to Dr Rastogi who initially refuses to help Raman but later as Ishita convinces him he says he will help them. Mani says that they will go to the hospital the next day. (Also Read: Rajat Destroys All Evidence Against Himself And Frames Ishita For Blackmail)

As they reach the hospital, the nurses try to dissuade them but Rajat scolds the nurses and takes the family to the conference room. Ishita calls some press and also a lawyer to support them.

Ishita asks Rajat to speak the truth and also says that they have proof. Dr Rastogi says that he has studied Raman's reports and they say that the surgery damaged Raman's spine.

Rajat says that they do not have the original file and that the real file is with him. Rastogi checks the file and says that Rajat is right. They even check the data on the computer which complies by Rajat's words.

Later Raman and Ishita say that they will expose Rajat whatsoever. Rajat asks the couple to be left alone while the associate doctor calls someone to tell her that he will make sure Raman and Ishita create no further problems.

As Ishita tries to start her car, she finds it out of order. Some goons surround her and start eve-teasing. Ishita takes Raman out and asks him to ignore them.