Video! Bhojpuri Actress Akshara Singh's Sexy Dance Goes Viral!
Fiery Moves: Akshara Singh (Image Credit: Stock Photo)

She sets the stage on fire with her fiery dance moves. Akshara Singh, one of the most popular faces in Bhojpuri movies, is making waves thanks to her thumkas. Netizens are going absolutely berserk over the lady's zestful dance moves. Singh is known for her infectious energy as indeed for her voice. So recently when she was denied an opportunity to perform at a grand function due to some unmentionable constraints, Singh decided to delight her fans with this video.

The video has gone viral with over 20 lakh views fetched already. We see the lady in a red saree showcasing her voluptuousness, Singh knows what works best for her. She has got the adah and boldness that can make men lust after her. And she does it with so much effortlessness. Men in the crowd start cheering for the dancer.

Before signing on the dotted lines for Bhojpuri Productions, Singh had begun her acting career with Zee TV’s popular show Kala Tika. But that show did not help her get much popularity. Not many know that Akshara wanted to pursue singing as a profession but that did not click. And now the lady rules hundreds and thousands of hearts with her energetic dance moves and her undeniable sexiness!