BEST Fare Cut Sees 30% Rise in Ridership, AC Buses in Mumbai Witness 80% Jump
BEST Bus (Photo credits: PTI)

Mumbai, July 5: It comes as a huge relief to BEST bus services after the rate cut announced recently, the daily passenger count has gone up by 5 lakh in a day, which is a rise of 30 percent in ridership. According to a Mumbai Mirror report, 17.15 lakh commuters took BEST buses on Monday and the numbers jumped to 22.18 lakh on Tuesday. BEST Bus Travel to Soon Become Cheaper! Check the Revised Fares.

AC buses, on the other hand, have been a mammoth 80 percent rise in ridership after the rate cut. The revised fares for 5 km will be Rs 5 for Non-AC buses and Rs 6 for AC.  Up to 10 km, it will be Rs 10 for Non-AC and Rs 13 for AC. The fare up to 15km for Non-AC bus will be Rs 15 and for AC it will be 19. Above 15kms, Non-AC fare will be 20 and Rs 25 for AC buses.

According to the revised pay structure, following are the distance slabs- 0-5 km, 5-10 km, 10-15 km, and over 15 km, based on which the fare will be calculated.

The reason behind the introduction of the newly revised rate chart was that the BEST ridership came to 22 lakh passenger per day, which was the lowest in a decade.