Drug Peddlers: Mother Daughter Secretly Hides Smuggled Cocaine in Eye Shadow Palettes to Evade the Officials
Represerntational Image (Photo credits: stevepb/Pixabay)

Mumbai, May 11: The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) officials successfully seized smuggled cocaine and arrest two drug peddlers who secretly kept drugs in the palettes of eye-shadow to evade discovery. However, officials found out about their smart plan and arrested them on Wednesday. They are now behind bars. The officials said that they received a tip about the consignment, and after that, they laid a trap, catching  the mother red-handed while she accepted a parcel from Nagpur, Maharashtra. However, it is believed, daughter is the main culprit behind the drug peddling. The 25-years-old girl married a foreigner, and at her partner's behest, she was making her mother accept the drugs.

The agency is also probing more about the modus operandi of the duo. The girl was arrested by NCB from Goa after questioning her mother about the next drug deal.

The cocaine consignment which has been seized by NCB was worth Rs. 35 lakhs. Officials said that the consignment was believed to be delivered to Nagpur and Goa subsequently. Interestingly, the duo smartly used their eye-shadow kit to hide the drugs and secretly concealed it in the palettes of eye-shadow. But NCB outsmarted the drug peddlers and foiled their plans.

The seized drug was in a pure form and has been sent to the central forensic laboratory for tests. During the investigation, it was also revealed that the accused would mix the drug with other impurities to increase its quantity to sell it in Goa. Meanwhile, NCB officials are on the lookout for other members of the gang suspected to be in Goa.

Cocaine is one of the most expensive drugs with just one kg costing around rupees five to six crores.  Officials revealed that the peddlers are therefore found smuggling this drug more.

This is NCB's second drug bust in the recent times.  On April 11, the agency seized 4.3 kg of cocaine from two Peruvian nationals at the airport. The duo a 35-year-old man and a 25-year-old woman had high-grade cocaine worth around Rs. 25 crore hidden inside their trolley bags.