They say that your lifestyle choices define your success as a person. Hence, people must always try to make the most of life's situations, circumstances and the various opportunities that may knock on their doors, leading them to their path to ultimate success. Of course, this is easier said than done; many aspiring entrepreneurs just don’t make the cut live the 1% lifestyle. However, the ones who are determined enough to reach a certain position in life, removing fear and self-doubts from their rock hard mindsets, take necessary steps to get ahead in their chosen industries; they’re the ones who reach their long sought success. Here we have chosen one high-performing and incredibly talented trader and entrepreneur as our quarterly pick: Mohammed Salahuddin, most popularly known as “The Wolf of Dubai”

Would you believe us if we told you that Mohammed Salahuddin has achieved tremendous success at the subtle age of 17? We wouldn’t believe ourselves either. A passionate and goal oriented trader who never self doubted his ability and jumped into the ocean of trading.

Through the guidance of father, Ahmed salahuddin, who taught him to understand the full depths of the trading world and shared a great deal of experience to aid him, He now makes waves in the industry with his incredible trading skillset, knowledge and expertise.

“Today I manage $85,000 in stocks and cryptos after having taken out $31,000 as profit for the investors” - mohammed salahuddin

This turned many heads not only in his family but across the industry, who were taken by surprise by this young talent's amazing confidence and his potential to take over the trading world. On the one hand when the world was grappling with the global pandemic, where many lost their jobs and businesses, Mohammed Salahuddin was working towards building his career in trading by safely investing in securities and cryptos. Today, he has reached a position where people dub him as The Wolf of Dubai.

During the lockdown period, he worked all nighters to obtain deeper knowledge and insights about the industry, whilst profiting an astounding $30,000+ in 180 trading days. Whilst profiting, he ensured to continue working on his strategy and feed his thirst for knowledge and understanding.

After achieving so much at just 17 years, Mohammed Salahuddin can't wait to spread his knowledge and expertise to many others of his age, teaching them how to become financially free through the power of trading. As a teenage entrepreneur, trader and coach from Dubai, The Wolf of Dubai has even got featured on major publications worldwide, truly increasing his 'stocks' in the industry.