Uttar Pradesh: Man Carries Ailing 5-Year Old Son After Hospital Denies Ambulance in Hardoi
Man carries ailing 5-year old son after hospital denies ambulance in Hardoi (Photo Credits: ANI)

Hardoi, May 13: In another incident of medical apathy in the country, a man was forced to carry his 5-yr-old son's body after he was allegedly not given a vehicle by the hospital. According to a recent tweet by ANI, the medical negligence took place in Uttar Pradesh's Hardoi city.

Describing his ordeal, the father of the ailing son said he was sitting in the hospital for over 1 hour but to no avail. He said since he did not get any help from the hospital, he carried him to the police station. The Deputy Chief Medical Officer (CMO) said that there was no vehicle available at that time and so couldn't provide. He denied of any medical negligence.

In another similar shocking incident of medical apathy from Uttar Pradesh's Badaun, a man was seen carrying his dead wife's body on his shoulders. The incident that took place on May 8, the man was seen pleading with the tempo drivers to drop the body home as he was reportedly denied a hearse by the district hospital. Reports inform that the hospital authority, however, has denied the allegations and said that the hospital has two hearse vans and are provided to anyone who asks for it.

Earlier this week, a young man in Uttar Pradesh’s Sitapur was forced to carry his mother on his shoulders as the autorickshaw they were riding in was stopped at a distance. It was this day when Uttar Pradesh CM Adityanath was scheduled to visit the Sitapur district hospital. The man is a resident of Ganeshpur village under Ramkot police station. Describing his ordeal, the troubled man said his mother was injured after she fell down but his auto rickshaw was stopped at a distance. “I had to carry her on my shoulders and after the hospital referred her to a hospital in Lucknow even the ambulance was not given,” the man said.