BEST Fare Cut From Today: Mumbai Bus Commuters To Pay Reduced Fare; Check Rates
BEST Bus (Photo credits: PTI)

Mumbai, July 9: The BEST administration has decided to implement the reduced bus fare from today. According to the revised pay structure, following are the distance slabs- 0-5 km, 5-10 km, 10-15 km, and over 15 km, based on which the fare will be calculated. BEST Bus Travel to Soon Become Cheaper! Check the Revised Fares.

The revised fares for 5 km will be Rs 5 for Non-AC buses and Rs 6 for AC.  Up to 10 km, it will be Rs 10 for Non-AC and Rs 13 for AC. The fare up to 15km for Non-AC bus will be Rs 15 and for AC it will be 19. Above 15kms, Non-AC fare will be 20 and Rs 25 for AC buses.

Last week, the proposal of revised fare put forth by its administration, received a nod from the state’s Regional Transport Authority.

BEST ridership has come to 22 lakh passenger per day, which is the lowest in a decade. With the implementation of the new rate structure, BEST aims to increase the passenger count to 42 lakh per day.