Bangles For Self Defence: Hyderabad Man Develops 'Electric Bangles' That Can Ward Off Molesters; See Pics
Electric Bangles. (Photo Credits: ANI)

Hyderabad, August 8: A man from Hyderabad, named Gadi Harish, claims to have developed a bangle that can enhance the security of women. The man claims that the bangle has the ability to give electrical shock to the person who tries to molest the woman wearing the bangle.

The man also showed pictures of the bangles to news agency ANI. According to Harish, the bangles will work in a way that will help the victims of eve-teasing and those trying to fight sexual molesters. Hyderabad: Two Bangle Businessman Get 14 Years Imprisonment for Child Trafficking.

See Pictures in the Tweet Below

Gadi Harish said, "If someone attacks the woman wearing the bangle she'll have to tilt her hand in a certain angle which will automatically activate the device and give electric shock to attacker."

The tilt action gives an electric shock to the aggressor holding the woman's arm and at the same time, sends its live location and alerts to relatives and nearby police stations.