CAB 2019 Passed in Rajya Sabha: IPS Officer Abdur Rahman Quits Service in Protest, Says 'Bill Against Religious Pluralism of India'
Mumbai IGP Abdur Rahman. (Photo Credit: Twitter)

Mumbai, December 11: Minutes after the Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019 was passed in the Rajya Sabha with a voice vote -- 125 in favour and 105 against, IPS officer Abdur Rahman condemned the bill and announced that he would not attend office from tomorrow and would be quitting the service in civil disobedience. Rahman happens to the Inspector General of Police, who is posted in Mumbai.

Announcing his quitting the service in protest against the CAB 2019, he took to Twitter and wrote, "The Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019 is against the basic feature of the Constitution. I condemn this Bill. In civil disobedience, I have decided not attend office from tomorrow. I am finally quitting the service." Apart from this, Rahman also appealed his friends and fraternity to oppose the bill democratically. He wrote, "This Bill is against the religious pluralism of India. I request all justice loving people to oppose the bill in a democratic manner. It runs against the very basic feature of the Constitution." CAB Passed in Rajya Sabha: Sonia Gandhi Calls Passage of Citizenship Amendment Bill 'Victory of Bigoted Forces'.

Here are his tweets:

Previously too, Rahman had called the CAB 2019 factually wrong and misleading. He had accused Union Home Minister Amit Shah presenting distorted facts. Rahman had written, "During the passage of the Bill, wrong facts, misleadingly information, wrong logic were produced by the HM. History was distorted. The idea behind the bill is to stoke fear in Muslims and divide the nation. We condemn #CitizenshipAmendmentBill."

Among other things that Rahman has raised was on the constitutionality of the CAB, which he stated violates Article 14 of the Constitution and against its basic feature. The IPS had claimed that CAB discriminates persons based on religion and is an act demonize 200 million Muslims in India.