Ahmedabad, April 13: With the coronavirus lockdown in the country, the government has put restrictions on a lot of things, but many are flouting the rules too. In a latest incident, a video of pan masala getting delivered using a drone in Gujarat's Morbi town was uploaded on social media app TikTok. It was then shared on several other platforms and following this, police have arrested the culprits.

As per the details, the packets of pan masala can be seen hanging from the drone, which was delivered to a person standing on a terrace through the use of drone. In one of the video caption, it was written, "It is proved once again that the Gujarati can do anything for the pan-spice ... Even in this time of the epidemic of Corona, spices were taken from a drone in Morbi."(sic) TikTok Star, Who Ridiculed Use of Mask Amid Coronavirus Outbreak, Contracts COVID-19 in Madhya Pradesh's Sagar. 

Here's the instagram video:


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ગુજરાતીઓ પાન-મસાલા માટે કંઈપણ કરી શકે તે ફરી એકવાર સાબિત થઈ ગયું....કોરોનાની આ મહામારીના સમયમાં પણ મોરબીમાં ડ્રોનથી મસાલો લેવામાં આવ્યો.. પોલીસને જાણ થતાજ કારવાઈ કરવામાં આવી છે.... આવું જોખમ ના ખેડો🙏 Courtesy:- Social Media #morbi #lockdown2020 #lockdown #panmasala #gujaratpolice #ahmedabad #rajkot #surat #baroda #gujju #gujjuthings #gujjugram #gujju_vato #gujjustyle #gujjuworld #gujjuwood #gujjuness #gujjuchu #drone #dronephotography #dronestagram #tiktok #tiktokgujju

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It is to be known that there is a ban on manufacture, storage, distribution and sale of several products including gutka and pan masala in Gujarat amid the coronavirus lockdown. The decision to ban gutka and pan masala was taken in view of the harmful effects of tobacco and nicotine-based chewing products on human health.

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