New Delhi, May 18: Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday hit out at the government over rising inflation and unemployment and said India looks a "lot like Sri Lanka" and the Centre should not distract people. The Congress has been accusing the government of distracting people with other issues to hide its failures and issues of price rise and unemployment.

"Distracting people won't change the facts. India looks a lot like Sri Lanka," Gandhi said on Twitter. He shared graphs of unemployment, petrol price and communal violence showing similar images of India and Sri Lanka citing various sources including armed conflict location and event data project, Lok Sabha unstarred question, CMIE, Petroleum Planning and Analysis Cell and Central Bank of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka Economic Crisis: Outrage After China Distributes Dry Rations to Foreign Service Officers.

The Congress has been attacking the government over the issue of price and inflation and rising unemployment and have said that the situation in India is going the Sri Lanka way, where the prime minister had to resign in view of the deteriorating situation.