Kerala High Court Lambasts Karnataka For Blocking Kasaragod-Mangalore Route for Patients, Asks 'If people Die Due to Other Illness, Who'll Take Responsibility?'
Kerala High Court. (Photo Credit: ANI)

New Delhi, April 1: The Kerala High Court on Wednesday lambasted the Karnataka's Advocate General on the issue of patients from Kerala not being let to pass through Kasaragod-Mangalore route to hospitals. Slamming the Karnataka AG, the Kerala HC bench noted, "If people die due to other illness, who'll take responsibility?"

Expressing their dissatisfaction over the Karnataka's AG reply, The Kerala High Court bench asked, as quoted by news agancy ANI, "If people die due to other illness, who'll take responsibility? Would the doctor tell you to only check on someone with COVID-19? Court will meet again this evening at 5.30.Centre to take a decision and inform the court at 5.30 or the court will have to issue an order." Kerala Govt Orders to Seal State Borders for Outside Vehicles From Today Evening Amid COVID-19 Outbreak.

The bench made the following observation after hearing a petition filed by Kerala government seeking patients from Kerala to be admitted and treated at hospitals at Coorg and Mangalore, and let them pass through Kasaragod-Mangalore route. To this, Karnataka's Advocate General toda the court, "Coorg-Mangalore can't accommodate more people. We're only differentiating between one infected area from another."

Here's the ANI tweet:

Earlier in the day, Karnataka Advocate General had informed the Kerala High Court through video conferencing that the two roads along the border -- boundaries of Wayanad and Kannur -- will be opened. However, Karnataka Advocate General also said that road along the Kasargod border will not be opened.