Mumbai: BEST Buses Record Rs 132 Crore Revenue Loss in 2018-19 Due to 'Ticketless Travel'
BEST Bus| File Image | (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Mumbai, November 12: Ticketless travel has cost BEST buses Rs 132 crore in 2018-19, according to the latest report tabled in the BEST committee. BJP's Sunil Ganacharya as quoted in a Times of India report said that the losses are huge and, it comes to roughly Rs 11 crore per month. He has blamed the Electronic Ticket Issuing Machine (ETIM) as the main culprit behind the losses. The reason being, they are either 'defective' or 'non-functional' most of the time.

A senior BEST official has, however, denied the charges saying that drop in the revenue has nothing to do with 'ticketless travel'.The overall drop in passengers is the reason why the ticket box collection has dipped. Diwali Bonus of Rs 9,100 to be Given to All BEST Employees, No BEST Bus Fare Hike Till 2021 Despite Escalating Losses.

The rates of the BEST bus fare was recently slashed to increase the daily ridership count. In October, it was announced that there would be no BEST fare hike till 2021, inspite of the losses escalating to Rs 2,250 crores for 2020-21. The amount is nearly six times that of 2018-19. The reduction in the fares have further led to the loss of the undertaking, but BEST is willing to bear this to ensure a comfortable journey to the commuters