Mumbai Medical Negligence: 2 Month-Old Prince Pannelal Rajbhar, Who Suffered Burns in KEM Hospital, Dies
Baby (Photo Credits; Pixabay) (Representational image Only)

Mumbai, November 22: In a tragic incident, two-month-old cardiac patient Prince Pannelal Rajbhar, who had suffered burns in an accident at King Edward Memorial (KEM) Hospital on November 7, succumbed to his injuries and left for his heavenly abode earlier in the day.

His condition started deteriorating over the last few days. According to reports, on Thursday, doctors noticed blood in the endotracheal tube, which is placed through the mouth into the windpipe, which indicated internal bleeding. On Wednesday, pneumonia patches were found in Prince’s lungs and doctors performed a minor procedure to create a new channel in his thigh. Ceiling Comes Crashing Down on Patients' Heads at KEM Hopsital.

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The child was brought to Mumbai from Varanasi because he was suffering from congenital heart condition and pneumonia. He was admitted to KEM on November 6 and suffered 20 percent burns, when the ECG nodes attached to his body malfunctioned leading to short circuit. The condition of the child was critical right from the beginning and he was kept on the ventilator for the maximum time.  His head, shoulder and scalp suffered burns and as the infection spread due to burns, his left arm was also amputated.

Prince was not responding on Thursday and the doctors informed his parents about his critical condition. He suffered a cardiac arrest around 2:30 am on Friday morning and expired at around 2:45 am when he couldn't be revived.