PMC Bank Mess: Elderly Man and Woman Collapse Outside RBI Office in Mumbai During Protest; Watch Video
Panicked customers outside a PMC Bank branch in Mumbai | (Photo Credits: PTI)

Mumbai, October 19: In a yet another shocking incident, an elderly woman, who was protesting against the scam-hit Punjab and Maharashtra Co-operative (PMC) Bank outside the RBI Office, fell ill and collapsed in Mumbai. The incident took place on Saturday. Following the incident, she was helped by the police personnel and other depositors. Similarly, an elderly man also fell ill and was rushed to medical help. PMC Bank Crisis: Mumbai Customer Dies of Heart-Attack, Third Death in a Week.

The ongoing PMC Bank crisis has become a nightmare for the depositors. On Friday, an 83-year-old Muralidhar Dhara died at his home in suburban Mulund. His family alleged that he was in an urgent need of funds for his bypass surgery and was unable to access his savings due to the ongoing PMC Bank crisis. Dr Manmohan Singh Hits Back at Nirmala Sitharaman For Blaming Him For Bank Crisis, Seeks PM Narendra Modi's Intervention in PMC Bank Matter.

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Following the request to the bank, he was allowed to get Rs 40,000, which was insufficient for Rs 2.25 lakh surgery. So Dhara's family was finding out ways to raise the funds when this tragedy struck. This was the fourth incident of death due to PMC crisis. Earlier, two people died of cardiac arrest and a doctor committed suicide.

Since September 23, RBI has imposed restrictions on PMC Bank. After setting the initial withdrawal limit at Rs 1,000, the amount has been raised at Rs 40,000. Hapless PMC depositors have been demonstrating across the country for their money.