Saudi Aramco Attack: Oil Supply to India to Remain Undisrupted, Says Dharmendra Pradhan Amid Fears of Rs 5-6 Per Litre Hike in Fuel Prices
Crude Oil refinery (Photo Credits: Getty/Representational)

New Delhi, September 16: With reports of hike in fuel prices by Rs 5-6 per litre in a couple of days making the headlines amid Saudi Aramco attack, Union Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan on Monday stated that there would be no supply disruption to India. He also said that the Indian Ambassador in Riyadh had contacted the senior management of Aramco to ensure a steady supply to India. Iran Rejects US Allegations Over Saudi Drone Attack

Speaking to the media on the recent attacks on world's largest oil processing facility in Saudi Arabia, Pradhan said, "Following the attacks on the oil stabilisation centres of Saudi Aramco, top executives of Aramco have been contacted. Indian ambassador in Riyadh contacted the senior management of Aramco to ensure a steady supply to India."

Adding on, he mentioned that India is closely monitoring the situation. Pradhan said, "We have reviewed our overall crude oil supplies for the month of September with our Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs). We are confident there would be no supply disruption to India. We are closely monitoring the evolving situation." Drone Attacks on Saudi Oil Installations: Iran Dismisses US Accusations.

The following comments of the union Minister arrived after fuel prices on Monday surged to four-month highs as Saudi Aramco shut five percent of global supply and crude prices rose to USD 10 per barrel. Due to this, the value of Rupee fell to 71.59 a dollar as compared to its previous close of 70.92.

Earlier on Saturday, Saudi Amarco lost about 5.7 million barrels per day of output following 10 unmanned aerial vehicles struck the world’s biggest crude-processing facility in Abqaiq and the kingdom’s second-biggest oil field in Khurais. Drone Attack on Two Factories Suspends Saudi Arabia's Oil Production: Aramco.

It is to be known that among the seven biggest oil producers country -- per day basis -- include United States of America (1.2614), Russia (1.0575), Saudi Arab (0.9782), Iraq (0.4601), China (0.3710), Canada (0.3710) and Kuwait (0.2683).

(Note: 1 barrel = 158.9873 litres, and the above figures are in crore litres)