Jaipur, May 27: The swarms of locusts which were spotted in Jaipur on Monday were killed in Rajasthan’s Dausa district yesterday. According to a report on the Hindu, a high-intensity insecticide was sprayed by the Agriculture Department.  The state Agriculture Commissioner Om Prakash said that due to the lack of vegetation in the agricultural fields after the harvesting of rabi crops, the locusts were short of food and were moving fast towards other areas. Locust Attack in India: Where 'Tiddi Dal' Came From And Where All It Has Spread? 10 Updates.

Farmers have been hassled by the invasion of locusts and they have been beating utensils to create noise and scare the swarm of locusts.  The Agriculture Department in Jaipur has been trying extremely hard to kill the insects, by spraying pesticides on trees when they settle at night. However, the height of the trees has been posing as a major challenge. Locust Attack: What Happens When This Pest Invades Farms? Know All About The Worst-Ever 'Tiddi Dal' Attack as Fear Grips Farmers in Rajasthan, Gujarat, Punjab and Other Indian States.

The operation to kill locusts in the Dausa district’s Kota Patti village, which is located around 53 km from Jaipur, was started after midnight. Officials informed that the spray of high-intensity malathion insecticide helped in killing almost the entire swarm of insects at the pasture land.

Swarms of locust causing havoc in several states: 

There have been reports that say where experts have warned that if the wind patterns change, the tiddi dal which is currently headed to Dausa and Karauli districts in Rajasthan may change their direction towards Delhi. As a result of this, the national capital has been kept on alert after the swarms are currently active in Gujarat, Maharashtra, UP, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. These swarms of the crop-destroying insects entered India on April 11 and have been creating havoc since then.

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