Uttar Pradesh: Hamirpur District Jail Starts Radio Service For Prisoners, Bhajans, Songs and Useful Information Aired to Promote Positivity
Hamirpur District Jail Starts Radio Service For Prisoners (Photo Credits: ANI)

Lucknow, October 19: The Hamirpur District Jail authority in Uttar Pradesh has started radio service for inmates to promote a positive feeling among all those serving sentence for different crimes. This is the first time that such an initiate has been rolled out for prisoners. Vinay Prakash Tiwari, Jail Superintendent told ANI that this initiative will help inmates to get useful information to change their mental state.

"Public address system was installed at the orders of the administration. We have expanded it to promote positive feeling among prisoners. We got the order that prisoners should get to hear useful information to change their mental state," the Jail Superintendent was quoted by ANIMaharashtra Jail Starts Radio Station for Prisoners, to be Operated by Inmates.

Here's the tweet:

In the morning 'bhajans' are being played and in afternoon songs as per inmates' choice are played. Tiwari added saying that useful information is broadcasted in the evening that keeps inmates updated with latest information.

In August, Agra jail in Uttar Pradesh came up with an innovative idea for rehabilitation and reformation of its inmates. The jail authorities launched an internal radio station which will be run entirely by the inmates. Another similar initiative was taken up in Uttarakhand where prisoners with a vocal flair used their talent to inform, educate, and entertain fellow inmates at Haldwani Sub Jail, where a community radio was launched on October 15. The non-airwave radio service runs for around seven hours every day. The content of radio programmes ranges from religious songs to daily news.

In June this year, the Telangana Prisons Department started in house FM Radio facility at jails across the state, where inmates don the role of radio jockeys. Reports informed that the Prisons Department started the project wherein select inmates were being trained to run FM Radio stations 'Antarvani' (inner voice).