'Black Day For Democracy': Opposition Decries BS Yedyurappa's Swearing-in as Karnataka CM
Rahul Gandhi (Photo Credits: ANI)

Mumbai, May 17: BS Yeddyurappa was sworn-in as the Chief Minister of Karnataka on Thursday morning. In retaliation, the Congress- Janata Dal (Secular), unhappy with the move slammed the Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP) for conquering Karnataka state forcefully. Congress has called it a 'black day' for democracy. Even on microblogging sites, netizens poured in with hashtag firing BJP for using the power unethically.



Adding, the Karnataka state Congress spokesperson Randeep Singh Surajwala  also alleged that state governor's office of Vala has turned into a BJP office and claimed BJP formation of the government is based on fraud tactics

Expressing anguish, the Congress- JD(S) MLAs staged a dharna outside Vidhan Soudha, the legislative assembly of Karnataka state located in Bengaluru. However, as set back out of all 78 winning MLAs of Congress party, four MLAs are reported to be missing. On the other end its clear that two independent legislators support is with Congress as they too joined the protest at Vidhan Soudha giving a set back to BJP, who has to prove their majority in next 15 days as asked by the governor Vaju Bhai Vala. While Congress raised an objection on 15 days time given and questioned whether the time given is to prove majority or to do horsetrading?

Meanwhile, Rahul Gandhi who remained silent over the election results mandate for last two days, on Thursday backfired BJP over forming forceful governance in Karnataka as a mockery of the constitution. In his tweet, in strong words, he condemned the act of BJP which in just a span of three hours only received more than five thousand retweets and 14 thousand likes while many disagree with Rahul's statement on Twitter and vice versa.

Karnataka election results announced on Tuesday created a tense situation across the political sphere. From fielding, party leaders to seek an appointment with Governor Rajbhavan, and filing a midnight petition over Vajubhai Vala allowing BJP to form their government, a lot of political uproar was observed in the state.