New Delhi, December 5: Samajwadi Party lawmaker Azam Khan resorted to sarcasm to mark his dissent against the Narendra Modi-led central government for failing to control the onion prices. Khan, while veiledly referring to Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman and Union Minister Ashwini Choubey's remarks that they "don't eat onions", said the entire nation should stop consuming the bulb crop. P Chidambaram Jabs Nirmala Sitharaman For 'I Don't Eat Onions' Remark, Asks Whether She Consumes Avocado.

The Rampur MP, in a sarcastic tone, not only called for the exemption of onions from consumption, but also said that people should stop eating garlic and meat. His remarks, which jabbed the Centre in a veiled manner, came shortly after the Congress MPs staged a protest outside Parliament over the rising onion prices.

"Stop eating onions, what is the compulsion to eat it? Our Jain brothers don't eat. Stop eating onions,stop eating garlic, stop eating meat, everything will be saved," Khan said.

The Samajwadi Party veteran also referred to the famous incident involving French Queen Marie-Antoinette, who had reportedly told the French populace gripped by poverty to eat cake if they cannot afford bread. Khan attempted to draw parallels between the apathy shown by the Queen towards her subjects and the approach shown by Modi government towards the spiralling onion prices.

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Onion prices have crossed the Rs 150-mark in several retail markets across the nation. Commenting on the issue in Lok Sabha on Wednesday, Sitharaman stoked a row by saying that she and her family never consume onion. Her remarks, though in lighter vein, drew fierce criticism from the Opposition. Congress veteran P Chidambaram said her remarks have reflected the approach of the government towards the pressing issue. "What does she eat then? Does she avocado? She does not eat onion," he said.

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