New Delhi, June 14: The Central government on Friday issued an order asking television channel to telecast titles of serials in the Indian language that they broadcast. The government made it clear that TV channels can also broadcast the serial title in English apart from an Indian language.

"It has come to the notice of Ministry of Information & Broadcasting that several Hindi and Regional Language TV channels display the castings/credits/titles of Hindi and Regional language TV serials only in English. This practice tends to deprive people versed with Hindi and Regional languages of the valuable information about casting of TV serials/programmes," said the ministry.

"With a view to enhance outreach and benefit TV viewers of the country, the Ministry has advised all private satellite TV channels to consider displaying the castings/credits/titles of Hindi and Regional languages TV serials in the respective languages also," it added.

Run Serial Title in Indian Language Apart From English, Government Tells TV Channels:

"In addition to an Indian language, if they want to give titles and credits in English as well, they are free to do so. So we are not restricting anything, we are actually adding the Indian languages. We are issuing such orders for cinema also," said Information and Broadcasting Minister Javadekar.

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