Two Rottweiler Dogs Attack 10-Year Old Boy in a Ghatkopar Society in Mumbai, Sustains Wound in Various Parts of Body
Two Rottweiler Dogs Attack 10-year old Boy in a Ghatkopar -Mumbai | Image for representation |(Photo credits: Pixabay)

Mumbai, June 9: In a shocking incident, a ten years old boy named Shanay Patel was attacked by two Rottweiler breed dogs in Mumbai's Ghatkopar area on Saturday. According to news reports, the boy was in his building lift with his mother and grandmother when the dogs entered the elevator and began to sniff him. The dogs turned wild and dragged him to the building parking area, where he was attacked and bitten. Patel who is trauma right now has got several injuries and is currently recuperating.

The Times of India news report says that the dogs belonged to a former constable, Basavaraj Adke. When the incident occurred the dogs were not chained, and the owner struggled to control the dog from attacking when they turned wild. Chandrakant Yadav, the security guard posted in the building lobby was quoted as saying,"In my eight years in this building, I have never seen anything like this before." Also as he couldn’t help to free Shanay from the dogs' attack, he called others for help. Several guards had to join him to pull the dogs off the boy.

After the incident, the society members have asked the dog owner to relocate the pet. Alpesh Gosalia, secretary of the society, said, "The boy's family has recommended that pet-dogs should be muzzled to avoid such incidents in future. Also, we have ensured that appropriate action will be taken and asked the dog pet-owner to shift their dog at some other place."

Shanay is a Class VII of Hiranandani Foundation School, was bitten and clawed, and sustained wounds in various parts of his body. Therefore, the doctor has recommended him five injections for his recovery.

Rottweiler dog is considered a “ferocious” breed, and in various countries in Europe, the government has imposed restrictions on ownership of dogs considered dangerous. On the contrary, Dr Kiran Patil, a veterinarian from Andheri, disagrees with the belief. He rather said, "Its a myth. They are a fine breed. But often they tend to show their wild side due to improper handling. Rottweilers can be handled right with some experience and guidance from a canine behaviour expert."